Olive Kitteridge (Mini Series, 2014)


Let's be honest: 2014 was really full of different events, a lot of great and horrible things happened in the world and in our personal lives, but it was definitely not the best year for cinematography. Nevertheless, last year (I still wanna write 'this year':) HBO presented a real treasure, a story which took roots deeply in my mind. I'm talking about 'Olive Kitteridge', mini series directed by Lisa Cholodenko, with outstanding Frances McDormand, Richard Jenkins, Zoe Kazan and...Bill Murray ladies and gentlemen, who appears when the story goes really far...

The film is based on Elizabeth Strout's novel of the same name. In 2009 Strout won Pulitzer Prize for her book (and guess who's going to upload the book into her kindle soonish;).

The story tells us about a woman and 25 years of her life. Olive Kitteridge lives in Crosby, Maine, near seaside, works as a teacher, has a family, actually nothing really special except Olive as she is. Olive Kitteridge is a strict, cold, sarcastic, misanthropic person, with a good sense of humour, I must say, and with endless sadness in her eyes.

Henry: You throw my card [into the garbage]?
Olive: But I've read it.

Olive's husband Henry is her total opposite: he's kind, compassion man, open-hearted and, maybe it's strange, but he loves his wife, who has heart shaped stone in her chest.
Their son Chris, upset and troubled, is just a traumatic result of his so different parents.

For four hours, actually for 25 years, you observe how Olive deals with her life, lives of her closest ones, how she deals with despair, jealousy, hate, love and depression, which fills her life with bitterness. You can also see a lot of different plot-threads, some of them are even not less interesting than life of Mrs. Kitteridge.

Frances McDormand gives such a great performance, that it would be completely unfair if she won't get any awards for that. She's outstanding, perfect, there's not even one moment, when I doubt her play. I've seen quite a lot of films with her, but I've never-ever seen her playing so beautiful and talented.
And for sure it's hard not to applause to every singly actor in this series. Perfectly-perfectly done.

Olive Kitteridge's story is really thought-giving and really touching. It's one of those life stories, which swallows you completely and fully. This film is melancholic, but in kind of a special way. Sometimes it's really heart-breaking or insultingly-surprising, but never boring and never careless. And it will haunt you.

I really find that kind of life stories really charming.

And to some characters you feel so connected, that it's hard to let them go...


'Olive Kitteridge' is a must see film (or mini series if you wish). I highly recommend to watch it. Enjoy brilliant performance, enjoy great soundtrack, enjoy the story, the view on the seaside.. 

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  1. You've composed some rather good posts about some remarkable films. Seeing how much you liked La Grande Bellezza and Calvary, I'll give this a shot.

    1. You'll totally love it, promise!:)


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