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Hannibal (TV Series)

By Solya - 23:28

I started to watch 'Hannibal', already being a huge fan of that whole story. To be true I was a bit skeptical because I thought that there's no one better in Hannibal Lecter's 'skin' than Antony Hopkins. 
'Hannibal' the TV show is a bit different 'opera' from that one we know, but this series is a beautifully made work and I highly recommend to watch it, especially if you're thriller/suspense and horror fan. And if you're a foodie. No mistakes here - 'Hannibal' is a perfect choice for a food porn lovers.   

Few words about a scenario.
Forget about a classical storyline. The character of Will Graham, played in 'Red Dragon' by Edward Norton, in 'Hannibal' is a totally different man. Of course - he works for FBI, but that's the one and the only thing in common. 'Hannibal's' Graham is a very complicated and mysterious character, with a really painful gift. During two seasons, Will goes through a lot of strange, scary stories and discovers not only the nature of Hannibal Lecter but also - his own nature. 

Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal Lecter) is a really talented actor, and if you have seen at least one movie with him, you know what I'm talking about. Modern Lecter is not only a sick genius, spectacular psychiatrist, manipulator and, obviously, a serial killer, he's a gentleman, a very attractive and charismatic man, plays on music instruments and...he cooks awesomely. 

But there's a one big moment, which I really adore in 'Hannibal'. I like it so much, that sometimes I literally say 'wow' invoice.  That one thing is an aesthetic aspect of this TV show. 
'Hannibal' is incredible, wonderfully, spectacularly beautifully made. Every single scene, especially connected with homicide, is an artwork. Someone, who imagined this has a really rich imagination. Wow, and wow again.
Music is written especially for the series, and this creates a unique atmosphere. 

And when Mads cooks something - I really want to cut those scenes and keep somewhere on a cloud. Because it's beautiful. A beautiful man prepares food (I'm trying not to think about Hannibal's cannibalism). About food, in 'Hannibal' I'll try to say more in tomorrow's post. Keep reading:)

Oh, and the last one...
'Hannibal' TV series has a few things that I don't like. One of them is a few 'white spots' in the scenario and sometimes I wish the creators' group work more on a screenplay. But because of great cast, good dialogues (actually some of the quotes became really well-known), spectacular and unusual picture - I forgive all that little spots in the scenario and perceive this series as someone's fantasy.
It's only 2 episodes left until season 2 finale. And as I can see, the finale will be unexpectedly interesting and surprising. 
I will continue talking about 'Hannibal' tomorrow. See you there;)

UPD: Now you can buy an official cookbook 'Feeding Hannibal: A Connoisseur's Cookbook' HERE and also add to cart 'The Art and Making of Hannibal: The Television Series' book HERE.

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  1. Just watched the episode with blooming flowers yesterday. Marvelous show! The aesthetics of 70es-80es depicted through the prism of XXI century really thrills me. And Hannibal’s suits…

  2. Man, I've got an..eyegasm everytime!:))
    And oh yeah..suits...but I have to say that Mads without suits looks as good as wearing them;)
    Enjoy the show! It's absolutely marvelous, no doubt.

  3. There are plenty of similar TV series out there. Even though they might all take a different angle, they certainly will be more likely to entertain you if you're already a fan of a particular genre.


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