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Cooking With Hannibal: Sacromonte Omelette

By Solya - 20:20

Also, check out the post how to cook an innocent lamb. Ladies and gentlemen, Rack of Sacrificial Lamb from Hannibal's second season finale is right here.

Well, boys and girls, this day finally came - I decided to cook something from the 'Hannibal' series (which I adore as you know:). This time I decided to make everything as perfect as I can and, to be honest, I'm proud of myself. 
Where should I start? Oh yes, food style from the series...
As you know 'Hannibal' is not only a show about 1001 approach on how to kill someone, but it's also about food. And as everything in the series, all dishes look extraordinary, beautiful and adorable as well. 
'Hannibal' has its own food-stylist Janise Poon (here's her blog) and she creates a piece of art, every time she 'feeds' Hanibal. 
Today I'll show you how to prepare the Sacromonte omelet from season 2, episode 9: Suziikana.

Ready? Prepare your knives!

For Sacromonte omelet we need:

5-6 chicken eggs 
200-250 g liver (I took turkey's one) or chicken breast
1 tomato
bunch of dill
2-3 tbsp sour cream 
parmesan cheese
sea salt

We also  need salsa sauce, I made my own one and not spicy at all, here are ingredients:
1/2 tomato
2 chive garlic
a bit of dill
olive oil

For decoration:
eggshell from 1 large duck/chicken egg
1 quail eggshell 
sea salt
wasabi sauce 
1/4 orange or 1/2 clementine
2 boiled quail egg

Preparation time:
20 min

Cooking time:
40 min

No, but needs patience

First of all, we need to prepare liver. Wash it and boil a bit. Don't forget to change the water at least two times. And remember that you should not pickle a liver, salt can make it really stiff.
While liver is boiling we can prepare salsa sauce and some decorations if you want.

Make a hole in an egg just like in a photo below. You can also make a tiny hole for a feather if you're enthusiastic. Remove the filling, leave it alone:)
Do the same with one quail egg. We will put sea salt in quail eggshell.

Besides you can use a few different kinds of meat at the same time. Or combine liver and meat. As Hannibal does, see?!

For salsa: cut half of the tomato into small pieces, chop garlic and herbs. Put everything in a pan with preheated olive oil, fry for few minutes.
I know that originally salsa has to be a bit spicy, but my stomach says 'no' too spicy food right now, that's why I decided to avoid adding chili pepper.

Now it's time for eggs. Add full eggs in a pan, add sour cream (some of the people prefer to add milk in their omelet so milk would be ok as well), add salt and stir it really good. As you can see I used 5 chicken eggs and one little quail egg. It looks so tiny compared to an average chicken egg.

We're almost there!
Cut liver in pieces. Cut one tomato and dill. Grill or fry (without oil) a 1/4 orange or 1/2 clementine.
Pour eggs into a preheated pan, add liver, tomato, and dill. Cover. And wait:)

Now it's time to decorate.
Add salsa sauce to a chicken eggshell, fill the shell of a quail egg with sea salt. Put two more quail eggs on a plate. Imagine you're an artist and paint something with wasabi:)

When omelet is done, put it on a plate, add some parmesan.
That's it! And tastes really good!

Janice Poon wrote that she used a frittata omelet for her work, but actually Hannibal prepares a traditional omelet in the episode.

Grab some wine, call your friend. Enjoy your meal;)

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  1. Anonymous6/02/2014

    I'm from Granada and this is just crazy :)

    1. I hope in a good meaning;)
      Nice to meet you!

  2. Could you tell me what herbs didi you use? I live in Brazil, so the herbs choice may be ajusted to what i can find here.

    1. Hey:) For this omelette I used dill the most, but also some dry italian herbs mix (just a little bit). Actually I think that using local herbs is a great idea! This omelette has a rich taste because of lots of other spices, like garlic and pepper, so a dash of local herbs would give it a little bit of personal, unique taste:) Hannibal would approve that;)

  3. You forgot the veal sweetbreads!!!

    1. Nope:)

  4. I love yiu started this blog I was looking up this recipe and found your site.
    I can never find sweetbreads

    1. Thanks a lot! There's no sweetbreads in the original recire, no worries:)

  5. Looks so beautiful! And delicious.


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