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Nymphomaniac Vol.I (2013)

By Solya - 22:12

Honestly? I didn't expect much from Lars von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac'. First of all, because of massive advertising. Every single website, that has even a tiny column about art/culture/movies/music was encouraged to write about the film. In my hometown, we have only a few good cinema halls, but you even cannot imagine how many films are not showing there. But even here 'Nymphomanic' was on a big screen. Wow. 
Second of all - because of the topic. I guess it's easy to make a successful movie if you're filming about sex. Even if it's not good, or the main characters make love in crab costumes - someone will definitely buy and watch your film. Because this is how the things work.
Nevertheless, I decided to watch 'Nymphomaniac', because I have a strange love and tension to Trier's films. And here's what I want to say about the film...

First of all, forget what they say: it's not a porn film (at least the first part). Somehow Lars makes sex scenes not sexy at all. Perhaps the points on something doing this, or this is a specific way of filming (read: thinking).

'Nymphomaniac' is a story about a woman...No, no it's a confession, which looks like a journey through a life of one woman, from her early childhood until young woman phase. It's about her life and, first of all, sexual experience. The story of her life she's telling to a man, who helped her. He's ready to listen her carefully and attentively. She needs finally to talk with someone not only about her path, but about emptiness, loneliness and self-destruction.

The dialogue between Joe and Seligman  (Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stellan Skarsgård) is written so well that I eat every word and I was afraid to miss out something. Some critics say, that the dialogue is actually Trier's inner chat. Between he-masculine and he-feminine. Anyway, this dialogue during the whole film is so genuine, so natural, so full, so energetic, clever etc. Good.

Stacey Martin as young Joe has a very rare beauty. Actually, all Trier's women have a rare beauty. 
But the beauty of young Joe is empty. Her eyes look more like everything is gone, destroyed and there's no way back. No surprise that 'Nymphomaniac' is the third part of Trier's unofficial (?) 'Depression Trilogy'. 
Contemplation of an (empty) beauty, this is one more little argument about why you should watch the film.

Uma Thurman as Mrs. H is present only in one scene. But that's enough to understand how gorgeous, talented and magical this woman is. Uma is a goddess. Her play should be on an actor course. On every actor course as a perfect example of an outstanding play.

Need more reasons to watch 'Nymphomaniac Vol. I'? It causes a huge desire to listen to J.S. Bach music. And it also causes tons of questions.

Oh yes... And and there's a little test about a positive or negative perception of life. and somehow it's connected with a nail cut:)

You will learn something about fishing, Middle Ages music and right wh- questions.

This beautifully made film has minuses (ridiculous music choice in the first and the last scene f.e.), but I would definitely recommend it to watch. At least to finally destroy your prejudices.

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