American Horror Story: Freak Show. Season Review


Honestly, primarily I became American Horror Story fan only because the constant cast. If to be more honest, because of Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson. These two are not only really talented actresses, they're also a great example of a strong, feminine beauty and hypnotic charisma, which they both have. 
First season was nice, second was scary and then ridiculous and hilarious. And after 'American Horror Story: Coven', about which I wrote just when second or third episode was premiered, I lost hope. I wanted to write a small e-mail to the AHS scriptwriters with the only one sentence: what is wrong with you people?! 
AHS: Coven was really shitty one. It started good, but it ended in the middle of nowhere, drowning in senseless scenario and making viewers feel like they spoil 12 or something hours of they lives. 
But, dear patient readers, the last season is a pure beauty. From the first till the last episode. 

I have no idea what happened with the scriptwriters. First time, after 3 so-so seasons this TV series appeared on completely different level.
Actually everything was the same: actors, great director's and operator's work, style and music etc. But the storytelling is different.

(two Sarahs are better than one, ha?!:)

'AHS: Freak Show' takes us in 1952, Florida. Freak show owner, miss Elsa Mars, a star and a woman who could dance a tango with devil, finds new members of her troupe. Bette and Dot, the conjoined sisters. From now one they're in 'Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosuties'.

Be sure, you'll be completely shocked, what is going to happened under that tent..

'AHS: Freak Show' is actually very touching season. Dozens different life stories of really unique people combined into a one long film. Stories about cruelty and killing, about fame and courage, about love, about insanity...This season is full of life lessons, some of them are light like silk, really elegant, and some - brutal. But the most weird thing - some of them can be both (like a story of the Twisty the Clown, actually the scariest clown I've ever seen).

One of the biggest wow in this season is Finn Wittrock's stunning performance. He plays completely spoiled, dangerous, broken and insane character - Dandy Mott. Looking on Dandy, I learnt one simple lesson: there's nothing more dangerous, then bored psycho.
Truly, Dandy deserves huge attention as a character and Finn Wittrock deserves a long-long articles about how cool he is.

For sure 'American Horror Story: Freakshow' is deeply connected with 'Freaks' (1932), shocking and disturbing film,at least because both are about the same topic: how to survive being a freak, how to fight for justice if one is a freak. And besides: who deserves to be named 'freak', someone who has two persons in the entire body, lobster hands or three breasts or someone greedy, cruel and blood-thirsty?!

I highly recommend to watch 'AHS: Freak Show', especially to those, who were completely disappointed in the previous season or the show in general. 
And for now, enjoy Lange's singing:

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