Magic in the Moonlight (2014)


My relationships with Woody Allen have never been perfect. I was always sure, that he's overrated, not that funny as all think, I hated his glasses and that to see him in one of the main roles in his own films was pretty typical.  And who on Earth could produce 1 (or more) film per year during the last few decades, except Allen, and this fact was making me even more sceptical.
His old works were like a one long story for me, like a one big ode to himself. Sometimes funny, sometimes really clever, but mostly I was simply bored. 
Then was 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona', which I liked a lot, then - 'Midnight in Paris', and that film is actually like one of my dreams, so I was charmed.'To Rome with Love'...ehm..please remind me what was that film about, 'Blue Jasmine' totally killed me. I was even ready to write a really cynical post, but I decided, that it's just a wasting of time.
So, is was a big surprise for me when my bbf told me:'Hey, let's watch Allen's new film, strange, but it has to be nice'.
Yes, she was right, 'Magic in the Moonlight' is nice. 

Short about the plot: Stanley Crawford (played by Colin Firth, a true gentleman and living elegance) is a well-known magician. He's amazing, he's mysterious and, it's possible for him to make an elephant disappear. One day, Stanley's friend tells him about one soothsayer Sophie Baker (Emma Stone is gorgeous and, truly, I have no idea why), who's actually going to stay for a while nearby, because suddenly one young man had totally fall in love with her. She's charming and has a real gift.
Stanley might be illusionist, nut it only highlights, that scepticism is running is his veins. He gets really interested in proofing, that Sophie's gift is nothing then a fake...

'Magic in the Moonlight' is charming, warm, interesting, a little bit naive film. I've read a lot of critics, and this time I don't get why people were so unkind to this movie. 

Only moments, when Emma tries to 'feel the vibes' or 'predict something'...

...while Colin looks on her like this (look below;) worth watching. Because it's funny, and ridiculous, and for sure well-played.

I truly adore the style of the film. Ah, beautiful 20's, I wish I was born in that time!

I think 'Magic in the Moonlight' is a perfect film for cosy evening, for the beginning of a Spring, for a date (guys, please note:), or when one feeling blue.

Adventurous, clever, and one of Woody's best films.
Believe me, you would love to know how these two will end:)

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