Fragility: Cracks (2011)


Three posts - three beautiful, touching and charming films. All of them are about fragile relationships and delicate minds. Also they are about mistakes, that can never be fixed and never be forgotten... 

Touching, controversial, aesthetic...This film disturbs me for few years already.
But...Let me start from the plot.
The story takes place in elite school for girls in Britain, in 1930's. Miss G (Eva Green) is a diving instructor and a huge obsession for a group of girls. Miss G is confident, beautiful, elegant leader and the girls totally adore her, they catch every single word she says, every gesture. Girls feel happy and amused only when she looks on them, especially young and favourite Di (Juno Temple). Girls identify Miss G as a guru, as a voice of independence, femininity, transcendent wisdom. They would listen those magic stories she tells forever, if they could. But also girls want to be the part of her incredible adventures. They would kill to get her attention.
Things change completely, when the new girl arrives to the school. A real Spanish princess (Maria Valverde), blue blood, frustrating beauty. Fiama...

Fiama has some cultural and mental differences. She's too confident and needs no appreciation from Miss G or from the girls. She's a bird, which flies and sees way much further, than all of them together. Fiama's stubborn, strong and delicate at the same time. She's the best, and no discussion could be made here. And that is really terrifying for Di. And for Miss G as well: this Spanish flower may ruin her incredible and fake image of a leader...

'Cracks' is about how pride and fear to be unmasked ruin lives. How egoism and theatrical fake crush personality. How greed kills childhood and traumatises for the rest of living..

Eva Green plays even better, than you could ever imagine. Yes, she's too perfect to look bad on the screen, actually I think that Green could just sit and stare at the wall and be one of the most attractive women. Eva hypnotises with her character, then she makes us hate Miss G more then we could expect. Miss G looses her beauty, her confidence. She transforms into paranoid woman, who scratches her skin on her fingers and lost her sleep...

Meaningful storytelling makes sense and stucks in heart for much more longer, then any other kind of it. 'Cracks' has a big meaning. Rough, unfair and even brutal, but still - meaning.

Every single frame in 'Cracks' is a masterpiece. There's none of them I wouldn't like to see in the film, none of them is 'too much', vulgar or disgusting.
Soundtrack, cast, costumes - all on the highest level.
And I'm really surprised how underrated this film is on different raiting websites.

'Cracks' is about loosing trust. And how evil young people may be, when they see their world falling down...

Highly recommend to watch.

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