The Era Is Ended: 'Mad Men' Grand Finale Review


Well, it's officially... Almost three weeks ago: the greatest, the most beautiful, smart, stylish, inspiring, gorgeous film (sorry, I can hardly name it just 'TV show') is absolutely over. Mad Men is over. Every season  of this brilliantly made drama was a huge present for me, it was a fresh air in a hot day, my source of inspiration in every field of life. And now there will be no more new episodes, but it ended, when it had to. And the only thing we should do is to have a drink for 8 years and 7 seasons of the grand film.
In this post I'm going to analyse the last episode of Mad Men and for the first time since Films & Pies exist, there will be spoilers. So, be aware of it:)

Peggy Olson was my number one character during all episodes. Her evolution from a simple secretary to executive copywriter is a great manual for women, how stubbornness, cleverness and self confidence help to get what you want. Really, girls, this woman in 60's had achieved everything she wanted, working in the middle of a wolf pack. Peggy is my kind of superhero. 
And, truly, I'm not satisfied what the scriptwriters did to her in the very last episode.
You see, Mad Men had never been even a little bit romantic. For sure it was somehow, when we're talking about hopes and all that 60's style dreams, but it was never about love stories at all.
The fact, that Peggy and Stan became couple confused me. For many years (read - seasons) Stan had been something between jealous co-worker, with giant ego, bad manners and jokes about Peggy and kind-of friend for her. Seeing those two as a couple in love was something I could never-ever imagine. I wanted Peggy to stay herself, to built business with Joan and maybe, but not necessary  - find love. Peggy, as a confident, strong woman had to open the new chapter of her life, but not with Stan, who behaved with her in a bad way sometimes.

That coming-out of Peggy's-Stan's feelings was for me like a joke. And I guess it only proved, that Mad Man is about everything, except romantic relationships. For me Peggy Olson will always be like on pictures above: walking with pride, confidence and power. And for sure, be funny, free and open, just like on this fabulous gif I made:)

Joan. Joan had always been my other fave character. She's smart, elegant, beautiful, strong and she knows how to survive in the men's world. Joan suffers from her beauty, at the same time using it like her superpower. I love where did she 'landed' in the end of Mad Men. She didn't lost optimism and charm, even if she's been through a lot. Joan decided to move her own way, and I find this incredibly inspiring and great. In the end of the series, Joan for me is like a voice of feminine power. Her story shows, that even if you look like a goddess - the only person you can rely on is yourself. And this is the way to let go all demons connected with dependence on men, work hard, but become whom you always wanted to be.

During 7 seasons Betty Francis grew up from a typical bitchy housewife, with modelling past, to a wise (but still bitchy:) personality. Even if her lifeline ends in a shocking way - she finally reached her perfect shore. Betty found a loving and caring man, she started to learn and work on her mistakes, while staying a control-freak.
And even if in the end Betty's relationships with Sally were not good (as usual, actually) I guess they both finally started to speak common language, at least for a moment..
For me Betty's character will always stay that woman with a cigarette in her mouth, in a nightwear, shooting pigeons in a yard. Cold and charming beauty.

Some characters, like Roger and Pete, found peace in their own ways. Roger - with a woman, who equals him, and is made from the 'same material'. Pete - made his American dream come true. It was one of not many episodes, when I felt happy for these two.

And finally - Don. Don and his dark past, Don and his women, Don and his alcohol, ambitions and dead hopes. Don and his depression, his emptiness and loneliness. Pathetic father, horrible husband. I was really tired continuing watching all this. I wasn't finding him attractive anymore for a long time, I felt abomination and wanted to see this character in the place he deserves - an island, where the party never ends and it's so nasty, noisy and drunk, that looks more like hell. I've expected to see him falling from the window, just like he did many times before in the opening titles (which I never-ever skipped!). But what the scriptwriters did, was really impressive: it was the greatest mercy. 

Sceptical Draper became completely free by seeing other suffering even more. Don's rotten values finally disappeared and his mind became clear, refreshed and tranquil. Destructiveness left him, just like the heavy stone of his past. It was the best mind detox ever. And I stopped hating him. Don's got his new life. Don lives twice...

Mad Men had changed my whole view on cinematography. No one will make something as perfect as Matthew Weiner did on TV with Mad Men. I hope that this masterpiece will be a must-see in every single cinematography and aesthetic course. Scenario, directors work, actors, clothes, style (oh I'm going to miss that smoking-drinking scenes!), soundtrack (dozens of great songs and artists)... I can talk about all this for hours. The world of Man Men, the era of Mad Men was really exiting and unbelievably beautiful.

So, I raise a glass for the most majestic TV show of all the times, and I smile. Smile, because I spend 7 seasons, in a greatest company ever...

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