Fragility: Heavenly Creatures (1994)


Three posts - three beautiful, touching and charming films. All of them are about fragile relationships and delicate minds. Also they are about mistakes, that can never be fixed and never be forgotten... 

Busy, busy, busy... I've been really busy recently at work, had very active trip to the capital and now I'm sitting 1200 km away from home and finally exhaling before my next big leap. Why I'm writing about this?! Because I'm trying to post about 'Heavenly Creatures' already about a month!
Sometimes I feel a little bit strange, that I haven't seen classic, that one day everyone were talking about. Anyway 'Heavenly Creatures' is from this 'opera'. But I'm sure, that some films come to me when I need to see them.
So, let's talk about the film... 

This provoking story is about deep-destroying friendship, isolation, freedom and twisted imagination.  
New Zealand, 1950's outside, Pauline, a young, free teenager lives with her family like in a cage, feeling and being absolutely closed for the outer world. One day, a new girl appears in class. Juliet. Something brings two girls together, and they dive into beautiful world created by themselves...

They create imaginary kingdom, with tons of different characters and events, thy create new language, write novels together and getting really into  their relationships. the whole Universe makes no sense and looks like a nutshell, comparing to the world that they created. Deep connection, true obsession...

But as far as Pauline goes with Juliet - the bigger distance gets between her and her mother. Pauline's mom, as every good mother, is afraid about her child and her 'deviant' behaviour. That's why she tries to limit Pauline's freedom and get her back into the right field. Pauline, as a hyper-emotional teenage, finds out nothing better to do, than kill her own mother and stay forever with her one and only - Juliet..

Before 'The Lord of the Rings' Peter Jackson has made few really good films with a special signature of him and a specific way of narration as well. I mean 'The Frighteners', 'Braindead' and, of course, 'Heavenly Creatures'. Jackson always had something what I really miss in nowadays movies: a good, black sense of humour and great imagination. He was also always able to make a nice thriller and to involve the viewer into the film for 100%. It's a pity, that his unique signature is almost lost, but I'm happy, that he made the films I've mentioned before.

'Heavenly Creatures' is a really shoking thing! First of all, because it's a spicy cocktail with girlish innocence and beauty aaaaaand brutal, cruel and dark sides of the same girls I'm talking about. It's a massive dissonance to see two little birdies playing in they're own kingdom, two princesses with a fragile souls, but at the same time - two cold and pragmatic creatures. And second - it' because you can't believe, that everything, what's going on the screen is for real. 

Lynskey-Winslet duo is absolutely great! I bet they had real fun during the shooting process.

But now, I'm thinking...Maybe there's something that I just understand? Maybe being in this kind of exploding and risky  relationships even once in life is better, than mope in boredom? 
But ok, ok..I'm not telling anything anymore. Just watch the film. the film;)

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