Raw (2016)


'Raw', directed by Julia Ducournau, is definitely one of the must-watch movies this year, especially if you like horror/drama at the same time on your plate (giggles). 
Usually, it's hard to write about horror movies. Because they're often filmed according to the known pattern (mysterious place, mysterious creature/human/doll, murder) and are concentrated more to cause fear, sweat and bad dreams. Somehow we manage to get pleasure from that. Nevertheless, 'Raw' is different, because the primer feeling you get is abomination. Especially if you ate something before. So, don't eat. And continue reading:)

'Raw' is about two lifelong vegetarian sisters, studying in a vet school. Justine, the younger sister, is a 'fresh meat', just started her first year, while her older sister Alexia already experienced all pleasures from being a new come. 
In the beginning, Justine struggles with a long, rough and humiliating initiation rite in the school. For example, once she has to eat raw meat in front of everyone  and there's no way she can refuse that. After this ritual Justine changes not only her regular behaviour, but also her gastronomic preferences...

At first, I would like to warn you: 'Raw' is a pretty graphic movie. So if you have sensitive stomach - better leave this movie for another day. But if you like to watch something on a border between beautiful and incredibly disgusting - be my guest, get a blanket and watch 'Raw' now:)

Despite rough scenes, this movie is full of high class black humour. The whole film is actually a long joke about vegetarianism. Good trolling, smart caricature. But I wouldn't take it too close, 'Raw' shows us only one of possible dimensions of our damaged society.

There's one more thing, that really would like to highlight. I think Julia Ducournau did a very big thing. She's one of many female directors, who destroy gender stereotypes in film industry. Cinematography has no sex, and so does director's work.  'Raw' is a huge proof of that statement.

I definitely recommend to watch 'Raw'. Tease your nerves a bit.

Have you watched the movie already? Tell me what you think!
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