Roast Duck (Inpired by 'Rare Birds' and Tim Mälzer)


'Rare Birds' really got me. For those, who just came here - about this film I wrote here. So I decided to roast a duck. Not a really rare one, without any special occasion, but with bunch of curiosity.
So, those who wanna try really good roast duck, have a sit and listen:

We Need:

1 duck (~2 kg), better take one like for Peking Duck dish, it's fat enough, but not too fat
carrots, leeks, celery or whatever you like (~ 500 g)
2 big onions (or 5 small like mine)
2-3 garlic (chive) 
500 ml chicken bouillon 
dried herbs
pepper, salt, sugar
1 tbs balsamic vinegar

Preparation Time: 

~3 hours 30 minutes


Not really, but it's better to read some small tips

Take a duck, wash under cold water,  chafe with salt. Leave it for one hour. 
Cut vegetables. Onions in 4-parts or 8-parts, cut leeks and carrots in a nice long pieces (2 cm wide and 15 long, for instance), cut garlic. 

Almost two month ago I got a really great book as a present. 'Heimat Kochbuch' by Tim Mälzer, famous German chef. Oh yes, German chef. And the whole book is written in German, the language I'm weak in. So this pretty great book for me is not only a part of my small cookbook collection, but also a way to learn new words and for sure to know German cuisine better. Part of the recipe I took exactly from this book. The only moment I totally ignored, was the filling the duck with sub products. I think I'll try it next time (maybe). 

About Mälzer's 'Heimat' I'll write a little bit later, and maybe for that post I'll cook something new.

When that one hour in gone, put some onions, carrots, leeks etc. inside the duck. Put the rest under and around the duck. Add pepper, garlic, herbs.

Now fill the dish with bouillon (approximately on 2 fingers from the bottom). If the duck is really fat - fill it with less bouillon. Meat will give the fat and with too much bouillon you'll get boiled, but not roast, duck.

Put it in the preheated to 200°C oven for ~2 hours. In the end add sugar and vinegar on top (optionally, I ignored this point).

Tip 1: first the duck has to be on the upper 'floor' of your oven. I choose second one. Then, in 40 min  - 1 hour remove it one 'floor' down. In this way it will be nice, golden and juicy.

Tip 2: If you see that the wings are getting darker, than the whole duck - put some foil over the wings.

Tip 3: if all is fine with the temperature and you choose the right duck, it's not necessary to pour the meat with bouillon+fat sauce every 10  minutes. It's completely ok to do it once in 25-30 minutes.

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