'The Return' (2003) by Andrey Zvyagintsev


It was the very beginning of 2008, when I heard his name for the first time. Cold, winter morning, January the first, lots of people in one place, after party mood. I clearly remember that morning, like it was yesterday, because then I've met one of my most favourite film directors ever. A real master of a frame, of a story, of everything. 
That morning nothing could make the air in the room so thick, and nothing could make all of us so sober and quiet. We were watching film by Andrey Zvyagintsev, filmmaker about whom everyone are talking only now (and for sure here I mean him and his last remarkable work 'Leviathan', but I'll wait before saying  something about the film). 
And I'm going to write about 'The Return'. His first first movie, his first masterpiece, his first arrow in my heart.

'The Return' is a story about two brothers, living with their mom somewhere in a small town. They've seen their father only in deep childhood and the only thread they have connected with him is some old pictures. But one day he returns and almost without explaining something, the father takes boys on a journey, that will change they lives..

'The Retuarn' is really disturbing film. From the very beginning till the very end. It's pure, perfect piece of art from the first till the last second. It's heartbreaking, it's deep, it's from that kind of films, which get exactly under your skin. Full of symbolism, coloured in cold, and there's nothing excessive, not even in one frame. 

This is a film about feelings. Feeling of being misunderstood, feeling of injustice, feeling of pride, feeling of care, feeling of love, feeling of respect and disrespect, feeling of responsibility. It's about finding and loosing. And it's about growing up.

I don't know how patient person should be to create such a detailed beauty.

And I don't know how compassionate and wise one should be to show the topic that good.


It's not possible to say really much. I'm pretty sure, that this kind of films need no words. They need only silence and total mind concentration.

This is a must see film. And Zvyagintsev is a must known filmmaker.
10/10 and in my very favourites

And here is really beautiful sound of 'The Return'...

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