24: Thing and What I Actually Learned Past Year


Last Wednesday, 1st of April, I became 24 years old. I guess many of us start to make their own, very private report about the passing year. 
My last year was pretty colorful. I spent beautiful Summer holidays in Bremen, the first time in two years I went to the Carpathians with my best friends, got tattooed, felt a little bit dizzy because of the whole bouquet of feelings in my head. I totally changed the look of my room, sold old furniture, threw away a lot of stuff. I started to learn a new language, I grew up (yeap, 183 cm tall now, omg), and I got more mature. 
My very private passing year was also a really sad one in the end. But that events, which had happened gave me a massive life lesson and made me stronger and, hopefully, wiser for 100%. 
As usual, I got gorgeous presents from my best friends. The biggest one was that my closest person in the world was with me on my big day:)
Traditionally I'm showing, what I got this year on my birthday. I also got tons of different dishes and pans for baking, frying, and boiling, but here I want to show only something really personal, pretty and things which melted my heart. 

These two little origami cranes came from San Francisco, though Germany here. I like to look at them and to hold them in my hand. And I like to read text from the gorgeous tray you may see in the background (how I lived without it before?!:).

This plate needs a big piece of delicious pie on it.

And this one deserves to have a very first piece of my very first bread on it. Love it. Totally.

Mustache for making my table look funnier and cooler:)

Dreams come true! 'Not That Kind Of Girl' by Lena Dunham, hardcover, in my hand. It was one of the books I've got in my wish-list. Can't wait to read it!

What I plan and expect this year? Global changes, career progress,  new people in my life, new cities to explore, new food to taste, new films write about, new ideas, perhaps new look, progress, progress, progress...
Thank you for being with me. For support, love, and care. That's what makes me move forward

With love,

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