The Little Death (2014)


When it comes to comedies, I can hardly say when was the last time I've seen something really great or at least decent. As you remember recently I wrote about 'Wild Tales' (great, spicy Spanish/Argentinian film, Almodovar as a producer, lots of black humour etc.), believe me, if you enjoyed watching it - 'The Little Death' will be a real treasure for you. 
The film is so great, so hilarious, clever, with a pinch of sadness, black humour and honesty, that I don't need to advertise it a lot. You just have to watch it as soon as possible.  

'The Little Death' is a few stories about five different relationships, different kinds of issues that beloved ones should deal with and all that is dressed with various sex preferences (did you know that some people get horny seeing one's tears/crying?!), experiments and consequences.

This film has a bitter-sweet taste. I was totally amazed in how funny, ironic and brilliant way the creators showed some really serious things.
And I love the fact (don't know why) that 'la petite mort' it's the way French call orgasm. I find this perfectly discrible and poetic.

The other thing what I like, that there's a lot good and wise lessons that could be taken from 'The Little Death'. Watching those couples taking this or that decisions, you see how many mistakes we make just because being selfish or pride.

This is definitely one of the best films I've seen this year. Because I laughed loud, wiping my tears while sitting alone and watching it.

Watch it and you're gonna love it!

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