Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes, 2014)


Small or open space, crowded places, Friday 13th, spiders, lizards, ghosts, blood...That fear, those monsters aren't real, they live exactly in our heads (just like Steven King ones said). What do we hate and afraid the most in life for real? Injustice, betrayal, horrible coincidences, to lost memory in the middle of the city, to get robbed, to lost arm or leg, to get murdered or become a murderer. Right?!
But if we would live in that fear 24/7 it would swallow us totally and make us paranoid, that's why there's one great cure from all the stress and the best way to fight with fear and resist hate -  humour.

'Wild Tales' consists from 6 unrelated stories, in which people are standing on the edge of their safety, life, patience, pride etc. Six stories imbued with high quality black humour, hot like red chilly scenes, and for sure sometimes - strong tension.

Spanish always were very and very special and unique, but 'Wild Tales' are made in Spain and also in Argentina, and this brought only more specific flavors in the film, more hot blood, more unexpected plot curves. 

Great scenario, good play, really nice director's and operator's work. I want more.

6 wise lessons, which I leaned from 'Wild Tales':

Remember, if you cheated or made someone upset - he/she might get you in a very hard way.
And if you met a stupid one on a road - it's better to avoid it.
Waitresses might be weak, but there's always someone bigger behind their back.
Oh, and yes, bureaucracy might make you insanely mad, so don't forget to eat a croissant before your personal fight.
We all pay debts. No matter in which currency.
Wedding cake tastes much more better after huge scandal and revenge.


P.S. For those who like small, strange stories, with a good pinch of black humour, I recommend also British 'Inside No.9' and, becides, they just aired 2 season few weeks ago. 
Bon appetite!:)

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