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Oh, Summer...Long days, warm nights, freshness, love and...BBQ season! Last Sunday I've decided to bring people together to enjoy beautiful weather, chat and fulfil gastronomical wishes. This post is a little guide how to make your BBQ absolutely great, light and relaxing. I hope I'll inspire you to run out of melting cities and spend some time with people you adore.
Get ready!

Tip 1
Choose time and place

Call your friends and/or family and set up time and place. I'm massive fan of quiet, private places, in woods or on a lake shore. I think we spend too much time running, rushing around, being in stress, meeting people we don't like etc., so it would be a crime to spend weekend in a middle of a noisy and crowdy place. Last weekend my choice was simple and obvious for me: I spend few beautiful hours in my parents place, in a garden, drinking wine and eating sausages:)

Tip 2
Choose meat 

This time it was incredibly hot outside. About +32 Celsius, and I was nearly hallucinating:) That is why this time I decided to bring pork sausages on the BBQ, instead of steaks just because they cook faster and there's no need to spend a lot of time near the fireplace. I really like to eat meat, and I would be super happy if someone would roast and fry it for me whenever I want it:). Those juicy, rich flavoured and delightful sausages were absolutely delicious! It worth to skip lunch and get them as a reward for dinner:)

Tip 3
Sauce is a must have!

Spicy, creamy, garlic, mustard...Hundreds of different sauces! Sauce is a must-be thing, because it just make tasty meat completely mouthwatering.
Recently I've found beautiful and outstanding guys, who make real gifts for real men - Man Crates. They know everything about stylish presents, good life, good food and sauces! So I'm posting this interesting and informative guide to the regions of barbecue sauces. Maybe it will be useful and inspiring for you:) 

Tip 4

 There's nothing better than grilled vegetables. Recently I bought special grill-pan for home, because I can't live without grilled vegetables in summertime. Unfortunately, it's not possible to add that smokey flavour at home, but if you know someone, who owns fireplace and a real grill - call them and visit immediately!:) 
My favourites vegetables last weekend: squash, tomatoes and cucumbers dressed with a olive oil, herbs and good mood.

Tip 5
Be open, be funny

Forget about politics, global problems, work, taxes, your ex and other things, which spoil life and be ready to have fun. Stay positive, share stories, share love and appreciate people around you. 

Tip 6
Music is the answer

Music on a background is quiet important to have a perfect BBQ. Music creates atmosphere, music makes people closer. Playlist should consist from easy-listening summer tracks. Forget about brutal and hard music, especially, when your grandma sits next to you:) My brother played on a guitar, we sang Bon Iver and The National songs. Arcade Fire, Young Galaxy, Arctic Monkeys...We had fun!

Tip 7
Don't forget about deserts!

I spend over three hours, next to preheated oven to bake fabulous apple pie and absolutely delicious strawberry-basil tart. Now it sounds a little bit crazy for me, but it totally worthed it! Tonn of ice-cream, fresh strawberries and wine...Mmmmm...Perfect, just perfect!

Tip 8
Forget about time

I left, when Venus appeared on sky. Cosy, delicious BBQ was over..
Don't be lazy, make one of those evenings unforgettable. Memories about those moments will warm you up late, cold winter nights...

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