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An Ode to Lena Dunham

By Solya - 16:31

I think that today is a perfect day to confess: I love and truly adore Lena Dunham.
If you ask me with whom I would like to have a chat - I answer you: with Lena. She's the one and only celebrity (hah! yes!) that I would really like to know in a real life. And I feel sad that I probably will never meet her. 

I started to be interested in this person from the first season of  'Girls'. Later I found Dunham's 'Tiny Furniture' and my curiosity was growing every second. Watching outstanding Lena's play, her behavior on a screen, her clothes and silly faces - my all stereotypes began to cover with cracks.
But after Golden Globe ceremony I really understood, that this girl is a goddess.

 Lena Dunham for me is a symbol of freedom. In her Instagram profile she says: 'Feeling free since 1986'.
She's free from complexes, from frames and measures, from fear to be ridiculously funny.

I like Lena because she can be like this:

 ...or even this:

And she's not afraid to look like this:

Or even this:

Or to have fun on some super official ceremony, where all you can see is sparkling smiles, anorexic models, 1001 actresses with the same faces. Lena is having fun, while bored and boring luxury society yawning every few seconds, staring in a glass of champagne and nervously waiting to have some snow in a bathroom...

Thousands of magazines, advertising, films made us to forget about a simply and beautiful natural things around us. They all really made us forget, that mostly we are average women/men, with some pluses and minuses, but 'even girls from magazines don't look like girls from magazines' (c).
Because of all this glitter-sparkling photoshoped stuff, all we do is searching some minuses in our bodies, faces, hair etc.
I think we lost an ability to laugh on ourselves and to be at least more free.

That is why I'm a massive fan of Lena Dunham. That is why I'm writing it here: Lena is absolutely free, gorgeous and talented person, who's not afraid to be herself, no matter what others say.
Haters gonna hate. So let them just do it, who actually cares?!

I'm learning from Lena how to be simply happy. With all my imperfections, releasing my demons, gaining more and more self confidence and...light good feelings. 
For me: she's absolutely perfect!

I'm highly recommend to watch at least few interviews with Lena Dunham. She's infinite source of inspiration. 
And if you are in your 20's, than 'Girls' and 'Tiny Furniture' is your must-see things! 

And today is a perfect day to write or sing some odes to Lena D., because TODAY 'Girls' season 3 premiere starts! On HBO, of course:)

Be happy. Be free. Do what makes you feel good. Make other people feel happy. Make your dreams come true. Laugh a lot. Don't afraid to be yourself. Don't afraid to be funny or awkward. Love. 
And if you don't have any ideas how to break your self-made chains - watch some interviews with Lena Dunham, follow her on Instagram, and believe me she will teach you how:)


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  1. Anonymous1/13/2014

    She's really talented person! Loved your post!

    1. Thanks a lot, dear stranger:)

  2. I. love. her. (verging on obsessed haha). I can't wait for her book release.

    1. Haha:) Totally understand!
      I'm ready to pre-order that book! It HAS to be smart and funny:)
      oh take my money, just give me that boooook! ;)

  3. My coworkers are obsessed with Girls right now - haven't seen it, but sounds interesting! ha!

    1. You really need to try it:) I don't know even one girl in her mid 20's who would say, that she doesn't like it:) But this show is for girls-only... For guys it would be a bit strange and boring, I suppose...
      I hope you'll like it and 'Girls' will gain +1 big fan!;)

  4. Amazing post, I love the pictures...would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin? follow me and leave a comment on my blog and i shall surely be following you back

    1. Thanks a lot, Paola!
      Just started to follow you on Bloglovin:)

      Let's keep bloging!


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