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Sweet Holidays: Part I

By Solya - 20:09

December is a very thoughtful month. It's a perfect time to draw a line and make some conclusions, think about new goals, new 'I will never-ever to this and that in a coming year' and say 'chao!' to my  old fears and bad luck. As for me - my 2013 was full of different stuff, many changes had happened, I can easily say, that my year ago was a totally different person. The previous year wasn't easy for me, but at the end of it I finally got my piece of a pie and traveled through Poland to Germany to see my beloved best friend. 

My first stop was in Warsaw. I truly like this city, maybe because of a good friend who lives there, maybe because of something else, but there's definitely a ton of good things in Warsaw. For example 'Bar Studio', pancakes with spinach, carrot juice, and...river. I love cities with rivers.

My next and final stop was Bremen, Germany. Cozy town on the North, with lots of bicycles, birds, parks and 'gingerbread' houses. And river;) I can say in a few words: Bremen definitely has a soul. And of course - it's super comfy. 

 Birds, birds everywhere. I have never seen so many different ducks in one place. Feeding ducks was a really nice entertainment:) Long river shore, warm air (it was the warmest December ever), fog, green trees and bushes, best friend and no people at all.

There's a lot of great street art in Bremen. This colorful masterpiece is created by an artist called Broken Fingaz. This is super cool, I believe. 

And here's my favorite text in town. No comments here:)

Bremen is full of details. Pretty one, weird one, anyway - definitely an interesting one:) 
For example, I fell in love with this:

And I adore how simple and nice can shop showcase be. I really like this natural style of some grocery stores or bakeries. Looks naturally and causes monstrous appetite. 

Some more interesting showcases.

This time I understood, that I don't find 'blind traveling' attractive no more. For example, if I would be a typical tourist with a map, I would never-ever found tons of beautiful places. Just like this statue garden. I guess the best way to see a city as a citizen is to talk to citizens and don't be afraid to get lost somewhere.

 Finally - me. It was a Christmas day, and it was my very first Christmas abroad.
I'm wearing my brand new H&M coat and feeling happy. Those two facts can be connected;)

It's Christmas and the only snowflakes in a whole city are on a curtain.

And I cannot skip some impressions from the New Year celebration. We were standing on a bridge, drinking champagne and watching thousands of fireworks. we heard the music of bagpipe on a street and it was mysterious and fun. We had a great and a bit dangerous few hours in Viertel with loud fireworks, police, and ambulance. It was like a riot: dangerous, but absolutely charming thing. It was the best NY celebration of several past years. Hope 2014 will be spectacular and fabulous, just like that night in Viertel.

 On my Thursday post, I'll tell you about my favorite area in Bremen - Viertel. This is my perfect place for living, full of art and freedom, a small and bright oasis of youth. I adore Viertel and it definitely deserves a whole post about it...

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