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Orange Is The New Black: Red's No-Bake Correctional Cheesecake

By Solya - 19:29

Red is one of my favorite characters in 'Orange Is The New Black'. For those who missed out this TV series somehow, 'OITNB' tells us a story about female prison and destinies of characters, who got there for some reason. Red is a chef there (mmm, actually that's not her only job, but still:) and no one dares to say something bad about her culinary experiments. 
I really wanted to make something from 'OITNB' recipe book (now I really doubt do I want to have it) and decided to try Red's non-bake Correctional (!) Cheesecake. The result and some comments are below, as usual:)

So, basically here's the recipe with all we need for making Red's cheesecake:

The only thing I disagree with is the chilling time. Be sure, that chilling time must be at least 3-4 hours. If you wanna make the chilling time shorter - put more cheese. But in those proportions - 3 hours in a fridge is a minimum.
Tip 1: use fewer crackers, otherwise your kitchen will look like you wanna catch a chicken;)
Tip 2: a bit of sugar and butter is a really needful thing in this recipe.

Preparation Time:

20 minutes

Chilling Time: 

3-4 hours



If you're doing this cheesecake or some other non-bake cheesecake for the first time (like me), then you should have the question how it's possible to make at least kind of crust from a simply crushed cracker. That's why we need sugar and butter. It's simple: add sugar to crushed crackers, mix. Add melted or fresh butter (I think 40 g would be ok), mix. Put it in a pan. Be happy:)

Blend vanilla pudding, coffee creamer, cheese (I had one with a few grams of dried apricots), lemon juice.

Fill the cracker crust with it.  Put some crushed crackers on top. The filling is actually great, extra simple, creamy and delicious.
Put in a fridge. In some hours enjoy:)

 For me eating this cheesecake with a strawberry jam was delish but too sweet, so I decided to try it with oranges. And I think it was even better.

Worth trying, time and perfect for every season of an occasion.

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  1. Anonymous11/17/2015

    Have never seen a single episode of 'OITNB', but I recognized the actress from the first glance - for me it's Captain Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager series :) I should definitely try to cook this cheesecake and see if it fits Captain as much as Red.


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