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Warsaw Days


I can't say that Warsaw is my favorite place in the world, but somehow from year to year, I collect more and warmer memories, which are linked to this city and somehow Warsaw's getting for me less unfamiliar, less strange and less cold. 
This time I learn one very important thing for traveling: always discover the city by walking if you're there for the first time. That's the only right way if you wanna feel confident for the next dozens of times.
Here are some pics from my last trip to that foggy and loud city:

I have a small mystery with cards. I see one-two cards per month, laying on a street like they where always there and it's a good place for them.
This one is a very special one, it was not possible to leave it there without making a small picture.

Bubbles, kids and a lot of strange things happening.

And that's the tiny old part, which is not that easy to spot:

Warsaw is a place with really deep contrast. Metal and glass, charming old buildings, street musicals, streets wide as a river, people in sports, people in fancy clothes, people from green peace telling you something about strawberries, while you carrying big luggage, and there's someone playing on a bagpipe and suddenly you feel so calm and good. In Warsaw, fast food and fitness center are neighbors and even share the same wall.
I don't know when I'll come back, but if I will - my feet know where to go...

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  1. Interesting. I was thinking of going to Warsaw but chose Kracow instead. Maybe next time.


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