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Hi! I'm Solya and one warm Summer I decided to start this blog. Films & Pies is a place where I write about movies and TV series, food, things I like and life in general. The recipes I post here are mostly inspired by films:) I'm  also a pie enthusiast and a baker.
And I'm really happy to see you all here:)

Who can read my blog?
Anyone who loves to watch, to eat, to enjoy:) I write in simple English, so you can read my posts even without being fluent English speaker. Every post about cooking or baking are written like a step-by-step tutorial with photos and useful tips. I really try to write in a way, that all tutorials can be understandable even for the beginners.  

What films do I prefer? 
To be true, I'm quite exacting to films I watch. I like cinematography from the very beginning, it's ok for me to watch a mute or black and white movie. I could name you a hungered or two of my favorite movies. I like European films, art-house, South Korean films, I like good Hollywood, talented actors, magnificent writers and gorgeous directors. 

What about series?
'Mad Man' is one big love forever. I think Matthew Weiner is a genius. Also I adore 'Breaking Bad', 'Girls', 'Looking', 'Fargo', 'Stranger Things', 'Game of Thrones' from comedies - 'Broad City'. There's always a time for a great series and...good cartoons as well (I'm huge 'Adventure Time' fan).

About what I will never write about?
I hate cheap comedies, cheap dramas and one-day actors. That's why comedies with Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz etc. will never-ever appear on the pages of Films & Pies. 

How about food?
I love good food, different  I'm non-vegetarian, but I respect salads just like I respect meat:) My favorite chefs are Jamie Oliver and  Antony Bourdain. 

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