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Paradise: Love (Paradies: Liebe, 2012)

By Solya - 09:58

'Paradies: Love' ( available on iTunes | Amazon) is the first part of a trilogy, by Austrian director Ulrich Seidl. The film is about 50 years old Teresa, who travels to Africa for a vacation and discovers a very specific 'trade system', in which African men are giving their 'love' to mature women from Europe for money...

I like Teresa's character: she's a bit shy in the very beginning, she feels totally uncomfortable and weird, when she got for the first time in this buying-selling situation with a young man.  I really want to applause to Margarethe Tiesel: I think it's not so easy to find a good and very natural behaving mature actress, who will be totally naked in some scenes. 

'Paradise: Love' shows a very tricky thing: no matter how beautiful everything around is, how warm is sand, how clear is sky and how beautiful is view from the hotel window - if something disturbs you, even the true heaven on Earth doesn't matter.

'Paradise: Love' is about mutual exploitation, about disappointment and loneliness. And all this with a great peaceful background. 

I really adore how aesthetic art-house films can be. You don't need super scenario, super soundtrack or very famous actors, you don't need any special effects: every single frame is so gorgeous, so nice, that even when everything else doesn't meet your expectations - just enjoy the picture. 

It's very hard to recommend this film. If you're not 'afraid' of naked mature women and sexual scenes (of course with these mature women ;) - you should try to watch it. It's a good drama. 
'Paradise: Love' is not recommend for persons under the age of 18.


In the next posts about films - reviews on 'Paradise: Faith' and 'Paradise: Hope'.

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