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The One I Love (2014)


Last week went under a 'boring-to-death-films' flag. My best friend and I usually like to watch films at the same time, even if we're far away from each other. And because I was sick a bit, there was more time to catch up and finally watch everything I missed out. It was a pure horror, one old school film (3 h o u r s of pure boredom), one Spanish, but pretty stupid, one B-class thriller (what could be worst?!), one movie about how Jason Schwartzman behaving like a douche bag and doing nothing, two Oscar-winning films...Endless river called Boredom. And then, suddenly 'The One I Love'. Wow. 
If you're seeking for an advised, great film - here it is. But please do me a favor: don't read the plot anywhere and beware to watch a trailer. Otherwise, you might have a false impression (yes, I think trailers are harmful to viewers).

There is no perfect couples on Earth. Anywhere. Everything that is going on between two - stays between two, good or bad things, but never perfect. Being in relationships it's like being a part of one melody, but each of partners plays their own music sheets. So what if their partitures are from completely different melodies?

A couple understands, that their relationships need a little repair, something new, something that could make them feel close again. That is why their therapist (Ted Danson) sends them to a lovely, beautiful place, with a big house, lots of trees and flowers around and a guest house as well. They suppose to discover each other again and bring their feelings to life again. But, then, dear reader, something really strange is going to happen...  

I know what thing makes good movies actually really good. No, it's not a cast, it's not a director, it's not a soundtrack or something else. It's an intrigue. Freshness. I get goose skin when I watch a film and have no idea, what is going to be next. When all my guessing fails, when I don't check messengers, social media etc. Curiosity always wins, because intrigue plays the 'first violin'.

'The One I Love' is based on a great performance of two actors: Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass. I have never seen them playing so good. And because of intriguing scenario - that fact that there are literally only two characters in a film makes everything even more beautiful and made me even more curious.

'The One I Love' is a blend of a mystery, light thriller, breathtaking drama and kind of relationships manual. Perfect combination.

Personally for me 'The One I Love' is one more proof, that in the end, we all get what we wanted and what we deserve.

Brilliant, fresh, clever.
Totally adding to my favorites.
And highly recommend watching.

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  1. I've been debating whether to watch this for a while as I know nothing about it but love Elizabeth Moss and Mark Duplass and this is all the persuasion I need. I completely agree with you about the 'intrigue factor' too, it's so rare to find a film like that. Thanks for the recommendation! (Also, Ted Danson's in it?! Even better...)

    1. Oh, I'm so tired from cliches in movies. You know, that feeling 'I've-seen-this-before' comes more and more often to me. That is why I'm watching really old and forgotten films from time to time. But I think that's fine:) Sometimes its necessary to dig into trash to find something really great.
      Ted Danson has his 5 minutes of glory in 'The One I Love', but I was happy to see him, even shortly.
      I hope that you'll like the movie!


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