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Bavarian October: Munich and Westerham


Servus! This is how I prefer to say 'hello' today to you, dear reader of Films & Pies sleepy land. It's been a long time, when I posted here, but now I'm gonna change that (hopefully!:). 
Last month I spent in Bavaria, Germany. During that month I gained lots of new experience, knowledge, impressions, but what is the most important - new friends, new ideas and a massive inspiration. 
Today's post will be regarded to my beautiful time in Munich and Westerham (small town between Munich and Alps).

Before coming to Westerham I didn't know, that it will be a place not only of my personal and professional grow, but also the place of emotional rehab and digital detox.
Mountains, fresh air, forest, comfortable hotel, delicious food, clear water and great service (gummy bears on my pillow every day, was a really sweet thing). And with a good company all that becomes much more better!
Here's my favourite song of the month, my personal theme, song which describes my splendid  vibrant feelings during October <3

And besides, I think, that there's nothing better, than eat outside. Fresh air and good, healthy food makes me sing like one of those musical characters:)
Besides, if you go to Bavaria prepare not only to eat lots of bratwurst (fried sausages) and other kinds of -wurst, and cabbage in different appearance, but also to pour your soups with water (I guess because of litres of beer all food is really salty), vinegar taste, be surprised of huge portions of every single meal and forget about existing of a small beer - they just don't have it.

Hey there, friend!

I really like that strange feeling in my stomach, while going to the woods alone. Gravity feels different, mystery and magic in the air. Tranquillity reigns.

I really like small details, Germany is full of nice and tiny things, which create coziness and comfort.

This place will become my escape point in my mind during the most hateful months in year: February and March.

Munich is majestic. Big, loud, beautiful, expensive. Citizens are very different, friendly and in a rush. People from Bavaria are really proud to be Bavarian. I must say, that they are a little bit different, than other Germans. The way they talk (Bavarian dialect - Solya 1:0), the way they see themselves and others. For me, that pride Bavarians have is explained. I think, that having the winner complex helps them to be so successful and constantly improve everything they have. 
Bavaria is a place, where consumerism lives. Oktoberfest, football, infrastructure, food, service, space, wealth. Wealth and comfort. 

During my trip I had a great opportunity to visit lots of German companies.
One of them, for example, produces extra-quality paper. They even make (omg!) special envelops, which we can see on a different movie awards ceremonies. The names of winners in Cannes, Berlinale, Oscar  and many more are hidden in GMUND paper.

The last visit was to one small alcohol producer. Germans love family business, small and medium companies, they completely adore when there's a background story after even the smallest company in a country, 'innovation', 'family spirit', 'care' sound for them as sweet as 'cake' for many of us. And I believe that.

One of the best moments was a great time on lake Tegernsee. Pictures will tell you everything better, than words.

The last evening in Westerham was the finest, the cosiest, the saddest. Classic music, good wine and food, new friends by my side. And sadness, because some people I was missing hard that evening.

And finally, a modest portrait of me. Happysad feeling, great month past and even more beautiful landscape behind my shoulders...
I will miss Westerhome a lot.

Next time read about Nuremberg!

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  1. Anonymous11/17/2015

    I miss you, Solya, and I miss Westerhome too. I expected that this month would be great, but never thought it could be that awesome. Thank you again for being a significant part of it.
    And by coincidence one of the songs in my special soundtrack of that October is also written by Foals - it's Spanish Sahara.


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