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Togetherness (TV Series 2015-present)


It's been a while since I posted about some films or series, or anything else for the last time here.  Today I'm going to tell you about one of my favourite TV series of the last year Togetherness (created by Mark and Jay Duplass and Steve Zissis). Second season of the series is nearly finished on HBO, so we're gonna follow it while it's still running:)
The show is telling us a story about Pierson family. Michelle and Brett (performed by great Melanie Lynskey and Mark Duplass) are living normal busy life, raising kids and having some unfulfilled hopes and dreams. 
This couple shares their daily life with Michelle's sister Tina (Amanda Peet) and Brett's best friend Alex (Steve Zissis). Every single character in this story is written absolutely brilliant, and played better, than you can expect.

It's very spotable, that Togetherness is made with love and that creators had invest their hearts and souls in it. Basically, it's a very simple life stories about relationships, friendship, love, laugh, crisis, mistakes, doubts etc, but somehow the show gave me unforgettable feeling of being present in it, being a part of the story. 

It has everything, that good TV series must have: humour, wisdom and life. I'm a big fan of dramedies, because I'm pretty sure they're  closest to life and bring you tons of different thoughts.
Intelligent, elegant humour is not that easy to find nowadays, wisdom is like a rare animal and lifelike stories in TV series industry are like fresh air in the outer space. On the other side, Togetherness can be really hard to watch, because of that effect of presence. Science season one I felt like it's not just  about the next door  family, they all are about all of us
It's genuine, it's fresh, it's beautiful.

Togetherness shows us absolutely brilliant examples about ups and downs of modern life. It's about creating yourself, follow your dreams, be completely pathetic, work hard, understand that you're getting older, understand your imperfection, being selfish, being weak, being open, being a good friend, love, hate and love again.

And, goddamn, it's so funny sometimes!:)

I would recommend the show to everyone. It's a must-see TV series, because I think you can find something in it for yourselves. And learn about life lessons.

But...HBO is cruel as always (I hate you, guys!). Last year they closed one of my favourite TV series ever Looking, before - they said no to Bored To Death and now - they killed Duplas' creation. 
Can someone please explain me, why stupid shows are running for 10,12 seasons, having spin-offs and even full-length movies, but great, tender, smart and beautiful projects are getting closed?! Call me pessimist, but I think that people really enjoy watching same stupid stuff for decades. 
I just have a dying hope, that Duplass' brothers and Zissis' show will be accepted on the other channel. It would make me incredibly happy...

Togetherness is a great example how beautiful project can be if it goes from a heart. It shows how interesting life is and how much we can experience just from being the way we are.
I totally love it.

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