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One Sunday in Groningen


I broke my personal record: not even a single word here since April 2016. Almost a year of silence, 12 drafts laying on the background...Pictures, gifs...but no words. 2016 was a massive roller coaster for me, ups and downs were dramatic, emotional and weird. The biggest struggle, that we possible can ever have, is struggle with ourselves. I went through that and feel, probably, the biggest relief since a while. I woke up and finally started to do. Back to writing, back to baking, back to do all the things, that make me happy and calm. And I thank all of you, who were coming here for a short or a longer visit, because statistics was really encouraging and even made me feel guilty for my silence:)

My first entry this year is about my small trip to Groningen, Netherlands, about how and why I fell in love with it. 

We, my best friend and I, have planned a trip to Netherlands already for quite a while. None of us have never been there, so while having a bit adventurous mood, we decided to finally do that during my winter holidays in Bremen, Germany. It's super easy to get from Bremen to Groningen: it takes 3 hours bus ride, tickets are cheap (30 Euros two ways if you book them before on FlixBus). Easy and decent.
Sunday was a perfect day for a travel. Everything is much more relaxed and peaceful on a weekend. And when you're on vacations and don't need to go to work on Monday morning - that's one of the greatest feelings in world:)

Groningen at 9 am was completely empty. Empty streets, closed shops and restaurants, no people on bicycles...Only cats and silence. Isn't that magical?!
In my hometown I got used, that streets are more or less crowdy 24/7. So appreciated that rare hours of complete privacy in the middle of Groningen.

One of my favourite buildings. since a while this photo is a wallpaper in my iPhone as a reminder how warm and lovely was that day.

We got lucky with the weather. It was +2 or 3 degrees, no wind, no rain or snow. Still, cold enough to have a coffee or two. With magnificent desserts, for sure:)

We stopped for a lunch in a place called Huis De Beurs, located in the city centre. Good prices, good menu. Shame, that they only serve lunch menu during the lunchtime. So if you're in a mood for a big plate of  pasta or something - search elsewhere.
We were almost the very first guests there (if we don't count that sleeping person in the corner:)). Later, in the same place,  it was so nice to see people, who were completely relaxed, while having their brunch, talking and enjoying the day.

That was probably the best burger I've ever tried. Yana ate a big meatball with salad and fresh bread. I must confess, that my burger was way much better:)

Isn't that cute?!

We had some fun, while walking around the city. Well, we didn't attend that masterclass...but we could!;)

More beautiful places! Groningen is full of eyegasms, promise!

A cat living on a boat? Sure, everything is possible here.

We did everything what we planned: walked a lot, tasted food, went shopping (hurrah for a new bag and earrings! Besides, it was cheaper than same items in Bremen:)...The first date with Netherlands was one of the best I've ever had!
And it inspired me to finally learn how to ride that silly bicycle:))

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