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High-Rise (2015)

By Solya - 19:56

You know what are the most irritating things with getting older?! 1. It's harder to be impressed by something, 2 - I expect less - therefore I dream less. I feel it in every single part of my life. And if no.2 is basically a very positive thing, no.1 is a terrible feeling, which brings to a kingdom of boredom in the end. And boredom is the worst. A meaningless, bitter and sticky feeling of your own misery, as if you're watching on a tiny spot on the wall, while the quiet sound of running b&w dots on the screen is eating a hole in your brain. Boredom is the worst.
That is why I constantly search for new things, it can be a new hobby, a new language to learn, a new habit etc. And I'm always seeking for something good to watch. New movies, old movies. My life is to short to watch all of them, but I'm so thirsty about good stories, that make my heart jump, and my head - think. 
One of those stories is 'High-Rise' by Ben Wheatley, with gorgeous Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, Elizabeth Moss, Sienna Miller and others. 
And here's what I'm gonna say about it...

'High-Rise' is a story about a luxury block-building, created by a talented and very ambitious architect as a small Utopian (dystopian!) place for living. High-rise has everything you need to feel few stairs higher, than people living somewhere else. A supermarket, swimming pool and wellness, expensive parties, good neighbors. Simplicity and design. The only and the biggest issue is to actually leave this heaven on Earth, stop being filthy, greedy, aggressive and to keep everything under control.
Can the high rise inhabitants do that? No, they completely failed in that and that's the point.

 Now I want to step aside from the plot. And I will not go back to it in this post. There's nothing more to add, except that people are people, that we like to destroy as much as to create, that society is our basic and everlasting religion, which keeps us sane and drives us mad one second after another.

'High-Rise' is created with glamorous 70's gloss. Which is like honey for my eyes. Every single frame could be a great illustration from a catalog. There was nothing to complain about the director's vision, he's a perfectionist, and that's possible to see.

Tom in a suit, lost in an empty minimalistic interior. Good.

And this made me think about art house from late 70's - the early 80's. And 'Liquid Sky' somehow. Weird, weird.

Elizabeth Moss made me think how much I miss Peggy Olsen from Mad Men. And that I wish she would be more often on a screen.

And this GIF I can definitely watch forever. One of the best moments in a movie, trust me it's cool.

'High-Rise' is a place where we all live more or less. Trying to create and support the order - we fall into a deep chaos, blinded by our own thoughts, frustrated by fears, pushed by pride (and prejudice). It's about you. And me.

'High-Rise' is recommended for watching.
Do it for Tom, he looks so gorgeous in that bloody elevator.

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  1. Totally agree on 2 points. Unfortunately they are true.

    And I've read this book last year (haven't seen the movie yet), liked it as well.


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