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Top 10 Movies of June

By Solya - 17:21

Hey, boys and girls (saying it as a host of Tales from the Crypt, aka The Crypt Keeper). Today I'm gonna share with you my personal list of movies I watched this month. The only warning is that most of the movies are not made in 2018 and there's no rating order. Nevertheless, the list is very diverse and I'm sure that everyone can find there something cool to watch.

Let's roll!

Unsane (2018) by Steven Soderbergh 

This psychological thriller tells us about a woman Sawyer Valentini who's forced to move from a place to place, live in fear and paranoia, have no personal life etc. She puts all her power to escape an annoying stalker, that is chasing her everywhere she goes. For some sick reason, Sawyer ends up in a mental institution, without knowing, that this is where her real struggle begins...
The whole movie was shot on iPhone 7 Plus. Visually it looks very interesting, and the story keeps your attention till the end. Definitely worth watching. 

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Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017) by  S. Craig Zahler

This is a brutal story of a man, that decided to quit his criminal career, but life only laughed on that and threw him into savage circumstances. 
Brutal, bloody, fascinating and absurd film. But with lots of freshness in it.  
And of course, if you wanna see Vince Vaughn in a completely different role - give this movie a try. I guess, we'll see this dude on a horizon very soon. 

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The Net (Geumul, 2016) by Kim Ki-Duk

A fisherman, who lives in North Korea, who accidentally drifted down to South Korean territory. It's a story about authority, mercy, cruelty, and regime. About a little man in a big mechanism, about hopelessness and absurd. Impressive, sad work. 

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A Patch of Fog (2015) by Michael Lennox

A famous writer - Sandy Duffy, gets into a very sticky situation: he gets caught on a shoplifting by a security guard Robert Green. After a long and embarrassing negotiation, the guard showed some mercy and let the writer go. The price, that Duffy had to pay for Green's silence, was a coke and an occasional meeting. But who would now, that Robert is going to blackmail and annoy Sandy because this lonely man just wanna have a...friend. 
This film is not really sophisticated or very special, but it definitely has some charm. It's a very weird story of a strange and unhealthy friendship. Worth watching even because of great Stephen Graham (Snatch) and Conleth Hill (Game of Thrones) and good ironic storytelling. 

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The Boy (2016) by William Brent Bell

A woman from Montana, the USA moves to the UK to work there as a nanny. When she arrives to finally meet the family, she sees an elderly couple and a doll, that they treat as a real kid. The doll, by the way, is an exact copy of their missing son...
You might think, that is another story about a doll that was possessed by a demon etc. But how about no:) Good, thrilling film with some plotholes and imperfect actor's play. Critics hate it, viewers like it. Nevertheless, worth watching, especially if you're a fan of the horror genre. 

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Orphan (2009) by Jaume Collet-Serra

Going on with horror films. 'Orphan' is a very well known movie, but for some reason, I watched it just two weeks ago. The story is pretty obvious at the first glance: after a tragic loss of their unborn child, Kate and John went through a lot. They struggled with many psychological issues and in the end, decided to adopt a child from an orphanage. So, of course, they took the most unique kid named Esther. But a horror movie wouldn't be a horror if Esther appeared to be a sweet kid with a cute face. Of course, she's not. Esther will cause a loooot of troubles for her new parents and, for her new siblings...
Watch it, it's nice. A cool plot twist at the end of the film, good play, and nice soundtrack will leave you satisfied with your choice. 

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Incident in a Ghostland (2018) by Pascal Laugier

The mother and two of her daughters come to a huge old house, that was left after the death of her aunt. In the very first evening, the family gets attacked by some brutal psychopaths. The mother fights back and saves her children. 
Time flies...
After 16 years the family reunites under the same roof, but something is definitely wrong...

This movie is a bizarre combination of a horror, thriller, and drama. Interesting chaotic storytelling, plot twists, brutal scenes and pretty 'trashy' moments. Gives you bitter aftertaste, but I somehow liked it. 
And that was the last horror for today:)

The movie is available on   iTunes   Google Play   Amazon

Perfect Strangers (Perfectos desconocidos, 2017) by Álex de la Iglesia

Imagine you and your friends getting all together to have a nice dinner together. What do you do around next? Right! Staring at your smartphones all time. Checking Instagram, Facebook, all sorts of messengers, emails, apps notifications etc. And now imagine that all of you put all your smartphones in the middle of the table and every single message, that comes to your phone will be read out loud. And every single voice call will be put on a speaker. Intriguing and scary, isn't it?

This movie, "Perfect Strangers" is entertaining and well done. It's a very decent popcorn dramedy for a Saturday night, a bit overplayed, but still worth watching. 

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Spotlight (2015) by Tom McCarthy

This movie is about an investigative team of Boston's journalists, that uncovered the horrible truth about the local valuable institution. After the damage, that was made, the reputation of the institution in the whole USA an beyond, was harmed for good...

Very solid, pure and efficient film made in a best Hollywood traditions. "Spotlight" delivers a few powerful messages and should definitely be in ones ''must-watch'' list.

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The Experiment (Das Experiment, 2001) by Oliver Hirschbiegel

I, probably, also don't have to introduce this film to you, that is already a classic. It even has an American remake, but I would still insist to watch the original first. 

What's the plot? For 2 weeks 20 men with a different background, are going to participate in an experiment: 8 of them are gonna play guards, the other 12 - prisoners. Rules are simple: the prisoners have to behave properly, and the guards have to retain the order without physical violence...

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Did you enjoy the list? Should I make it at the end of every month? Was it useful?

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