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Monday, 29 June 2015

Fragility: Cracks (2011)

Three posts - three beautiful, touching and charming films. All of them are about fragile relationships and delicate minds. Also they are about mistakes, that can never be fixed and never be forgotten... 

Touching, controversial, aesthetic...This film disturbs me for few years already.
But...Let me start from the plot.
The story takes place in elite school for girls in Britain, in 1930's. Miss G (Eva Green) is a diving instructor and a huge obsession for a group of girls. Miss G is confident, beautiful, elegant leader and the girls totally adore her, they catch every single word she says, every gesture. Girls feel happy and amused only when she looks on them, especially young and favourite Di (Juno Temple). Girls identify Miss G as a guru, as a voice of independence, femininity, transcendent wisdom. They would listen those magic stories she tells forever, if they could. But also girls want to be the part of her incredible adventures. They would kill to get her attention.
Things change completely, when the new girl arrives to the school. A real Spanish princess (Maria Valverde), blue blood, frustrating beauty. Fiama...

Fiama has some cultural and mental differences. She's too confident and needs no appreciation from Miss G or from the girls. She's a bird, which flies and sees way much further, than all of them together. Fiama's stubborn, strong and delicate at the same time. She's the best, and no discussion could be made here. And that is really terrifying for Di. And for Miss G as well: this Spanish flower may ruin her incredible and fake image of a leader...

'Cracks' is about how pride and fear to be unmasked ruin lives. How egoism and theatrical fake crush personality. How greed kills childhood and traumatises for the rest of living..

Friday, 12 June 2015

Perfect BBQ Essentials

Oh, Summer...Long days, warm nights, freshness, love and...BBQ season! Last Sunday I've decided to bring people together to enjoy beautiful weather, chat and fulfil gastronomical wishes. This post is a little guide how to make your BBQ absolutely great, light and relaxing. I hope I'll inspire you to run out of melting cities and spend some time with people you adore.
Get ready!

Tip 1
Choose time and place

Call your friends and/or family and set up time and place. I'm massive fan of quiet, private places, in woods or on a lake shore. I think we spend too much time running, rushing around, being in stress, meeting people we don't like etc., so it would be a crime to spend weekend in a middle of a noisy and crowdy place. Last weekend my choice was simple and obvious for me: I spend few beautiful hours in my parents place, in a garden, drinking wine and eating sausages:)

Tip 2
Choose meat 

This time it was incredibly hot outside. About +32 Celsius, and I was nearly hallucinating:) That is why this time I decided to bring pork sausages on the BBQ, instead of steaks just because they cook faster and there's no need to spend a lot of time near the fireplace. I really like to eat meat, and I would be super happy if someone would roast and fry it for me whenever I want it:). Those juicy, rich flavoured and delightful sausages were absolutely delicious! It worth to skip lunch and get them as a reward for dinner:)

Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Era Is Ended: 'Mad Men' Grand Finale Review

Well, it's officially... Almost three weeks ago: the greatest, the most beautiful, smart, stylish, inspiring, gorgeous film (sorry, I can hardly name it just 'TV show') is absolutely over. Mad Men is over. Every season  of this brilliantly made drama was a huge present for me, it was a fresh air in a hot day, my source of inspiration in every field of life. And now there will be no more new episodes, but it ended, when it had to. And the only thing we should do is to have a drink for 8 years and 7 seasons of the grand film.
In this post I'm going to analyse the last episode of Mad Men and for the first time since Films & Pies exist, there will be spoilers. So, be aware of it:)

Peggy Olson was my number one character during all episodes. Her evolution from a simple secretary to executive copywriter is a great manual for women, how stubbornness, cleverness and self confidence help to get what you want. Really, girls, this woman in 60's had achieved everything she wanted, working in the middle of a wolf pack. Peggy is my kind of superhero. 
And, truly, I'm not satisfied what the scriptwriters did to her in the very last episode.
You see, Mad Men had never been even a little bit romantic. For sure it was somehow, when we're talking about hopes and all that 60's style dreams, but it was never about love stories at all.
The fact, that Peggy and Stan became couple confused me. For many years (read - seasons) Stan had been something between jealous co-worker, with giant ego, bad manners and jokes about Peggy and kind-of friend for her. Seeing those two as a couple in love was something I could never-ever imagine. I wanted Peggy to stay herself, to built business with Joan and maybe, but not necessary  - find love. Peggy, as a confident, strong woman had to open the new chapter of her life, but not with Stan, who behaved with her in a bad way sometimes.

That coming-out of Peggy's-Stan's feelings was for me like a joke. And I guess it only proved, that Mad Man is about everything, except romantic relationships. For me Peggy Olson will always be like on pictures above: walking with pride, confidence and power. And for sure, be funny, free and open, just like on this fabulous gif I made:)

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hong-jin Na Films: 'The Yellow Sea' (2010) and 'The Chaser' (2008)

I don't remember when I started to love South Korean films. Perhaps, it was after meeting Kim Ki-duk and his 'Empty House' or it was later, when I became obsessed with Park Chan-wook's masterpieces. 
South Korean films for me are completely unique. They can be clever and delicate, brutal and heartbreaking at the same time. Shocking, sharp, horrifying. 
I'm going to recommend you two really good films directed by Hong-jin Na. Both of them are really intense and contain a lot of violent scenes. If you're sensitive, better to skip this post.

'The Yellow Sea' (2010)  

 A city somewhere between China and South Korea. Table, few men and mah-jong. Cab-driver Gu-nam plays carefully, but confident. He's going to loose anyway, even if you hope for his winning.
His wife is gone for quite a long time. She works in South Korea, but Gu-nam hadn't heard a word from her for few month already. Gu-nam gives up everything to go after his wife, because he's tired to 'see' her in the arms of someone else in his nightmares. He forgets about his role of a father, he forgets about rational behaviour. Self-destruction wins.
He plays to get some extra money to be able to find her. But he loses, again and again...
Gu-nam is in a big debt and he's desperate. The 'help' comes from local gangsta: he will forgive Gu-nam his mah-jong debts, make the meeting with his wife possible for one payed little job in Korea. Gu-nam has to kill a man...

'The Yellow Sea' is about a man in wrong place, wrong time. Like a fish on a shore, he's trying to use all his life resources and fight for his safety, his life.
Going through hell, he never looses hope to find what he was searching for. But isn't it just ghost chasing?!

'The Yellow Sea' is really-really intense. Very dynamical, surprising (in a good and in a bad way), with unexpected scenario turns. It's touching, but I'm not even sure why. Perhaps, it's because the story how a small man deals and survives in a world full of betrayal and crime. Fighting with unfairness and fighting with himself...

This is the film, which I mysteriously keep on my hard drive, even if I'm not sure if I ever be ready to watch it again...
Watch it, if you're searching for a high-pressure-giving film.

'The Chaser' (2008) 

I still feel cold, when talking about this film. Nothing will never-ever terrify me more, than human equals beast...

Ex-policeman, and today - not really successful pimp, is in a bad mood. His girls are running from him, leaving their job.
It's really hard to give up your old habits. The pimp uses his policeman-sense and finds out, that all his prostitutes had disappeared in the same area.
He sends one of girls for once again to that client, opening by that something incredibly horrifying...

Saturday, 25 April 2015

The One I Love (2014)

Last week went under a 'boring-to-death-films' flag. My best friend and I usually like to watch films at the same time, even if we're far away from each other. And because I was sick a bit, there was more time to catch up and finally watch everything I missed out. It was a pure horror, one old school film (3 h o u r s of pure boredom), one Spanish, but pretty stupid, one B-class thriller (what could be worst?!), one movie about how Jason Schwartzman behaving like a douche bag and doing nothing, two Oscar-winning films...Endless river called Boredom. And then, suddenly 'The One I Love'. Wow. 
If you're seeking for an advised, great film - here it is. But please do me a favour: don't read the plot anywhere and beware to watch trailer. Otherwise you might have false impression (yes, I think trailers are harmful for viewers).

There is no perfect couples on Earth. Anywhere. Everything what is going on between two - stays between two, good or bad things, but never perfect. Being in relationships it's like be a part of one melody, but each of partners play their own music sheets. So what if their partitures are from completely different melodies?

A couple understands, that their relationships need a little repair, something new, something what could make them feel close again. That is why their therapist (Ted Danson) sends them to a lovely, beautiful place, with a big house, lots of trees and flowers around and a guest house as well. They suppose to discover each other again and bring their feelings to life again. But, then, dear reader, something really strange is going to happen...  

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Little Death (2014)

When it comes to comedies, I can hardly say when was the last time I've seen something really great or at least decent. As you remember recently I wrote about 'Wild Tales' (great, spicy Spanish/Argentinian film, Almodovar as a producer, lots of black humour etc.), believe me, if you enjoyed watching it - 'The Little Death' will be a real treasure for you. 
The film is so great, so hilarious, clever, with a pinch of sadness, black humour and honesty, that I don't need to advertise it a lot. You just have to watch it as soon as possible.  

'The Little Death' is a few stories about five different relationships, different kinds of issues that beloved ones should deal with and all that is dressed with various sex preferences (did you know that some people get horny seeing one's tears/crying?!), experiments and consequences.

This film has a bitter-sweet taste. I was totally amazed in how funny, ironic and brilliant way the creators showed some really serious things.
And I love the fact (don't know why) that 'la petite mort' it's the way French call orgasm. I find this perfectly discrible and poetic.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

24: Thing and What I Actually Learned Past Year

Last Wednesday, 1st of April, I became 24 years old. I guess many of us start to make their own, very private report  about the passing year. 
My last year was pretty colourful. I spent beautiful Summer holidays in Bremen, first time in two years I went to Carpathians with my best friends, got tattooed, felt a little bit dizzy because of whole bouquet of feelings in my head. I totally changed the look of my room, sold old furniture, threw away a lot of stuff. I started to learn new language, I grew up (yeap, 183 cm tall now, omg), and I got more mature. 
My very private passing year was also a really sad one in the end. But that events, which had happened gave me a massive life lesson and made me stronger and, hopefully, wiser for 100%. 
As usual I got gorgeous presents from my best friends. The biggest one was that my closest person in the world was with me on my big day:)
Traditionally I'm showing, what I got this year on my birthday. I also got tons of different dishes and pans for baking, frying and boiling, but here I want to show only something really personal, pretty and things which melted my heart. 

These two little origami cranes came from San Francisco, though Germany here. I like to look at them and to hold them in my hand. And I like to read text from the gorgeous tray you may see on the background (how I lived without it before?!:).

This plate needs a big piece of delicious pie on it.

And this one deserves to have a very first piece of my very first bread on it. Love it. Totally.
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