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Adventure Time with Finn and Jake: Nachos from the Land of Ooo

By Solya - 20:04

Cheers, guys:) As you know from time to time I cook dishes from films. I find this entertainment (no misspelling here;) really fun and sometimes challenging. 
Today I'll show you my first nachos, that have ever been made. I was inspired to do them by...Jake from 'Adventure Time'. 
I adore 'Adventure Time'. Once it blew my mind (and I will never be normal again!;) and I started to love it. Truly love it. 

In one of the episodes Finn and Jake eating nachos. They say - nachos are good. How can I doubt it?:) 
Let's have some fun!

What we Need:

For Tortilla:
 350 g flour
1/2 glass warm water
red pepper & black pepper
a dash of cinnamon
1 tsp oil
1 tsp corn/potato flour

For Frying:
400 ml oil

For Filling: 
There are tons of different fillings for nachos: from classic salsa sauce to beef filling etc. Anything will be good. 
As for me, I used:
sour cream (a bit on each triangle)
green onion
All vegetables, hot chilly pepper or chicken will be also a super nice idea.

40 min.


Penguin Gunter entered my kitchen and started to watch!
This flour mountain reminds him of the Ice King's and his castle.

Oh, my Globe! Here's my fave princess ever! Lumpy Space Princess! She adds spices: salt, pepper (red and black), cinnamon.

And oh wow! The whole team is here. BMO even has his tiny table!
It's Pastry-making Time! Adding water, oil and a teaspoon of corn flour is a good idea.
Now we have to make a pastry and leave it for 20 minutes.

Then with Jake's help, we cut pastry in pieces and make it round.

Lumpy Space Princess knows that now we have to roll the pastry. It has to be thin. Pastry, not LSP;)

Time for me to do the rest of work.
Cut tortilla into 8 pieces. Fill the frying pan with oil and fry triangles. Take it from the frying pan when the color of triangles (nachos) is deep yellow, even a bit orange. Put nachos on a paper towel for some oil waste.

Gunter tries to look like a nacho.

A few words about my paper figures of Adventure Time heroes. Cartoon Network knows how to make kids (and me!) happy: there's a ton of free gorgeous content on the CN website. All you have to do is go >>>here<<<, scroll down, download paper toys you like, print them, cut them and use some glue.
That's it!
All characters are made with love. Finn even has his backpack!

Historical moment... Finn meets Finn!
Now you know why my cat has this name;)

Woman, give me some meat! Not this paper toys!

And we're back to nachos.
When all of the nachos are well fried put some cheese/sour cream/spices/vegetables/meat/sauce or something else you want, and put nachos into the oven for well-done. In my case 'well done' is when cheese is melted.

Aaaand...that's it!
Call your friends, watch some Adventure Time episodes and stay cool!:)
Finn and friends listening one of Jake's stories:

Love and peace on The land of Ooo;)

And later - rescuing princess game...

...a small walk in a garden to keep you fit...

...or going back home to the Ice King, full and happy:)

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  1. Anonymous2/06/2014

    OH MY GLOB! Fantastic post! absolutely great pictures and nice food!

  2. Haha, amazing! Now you need to make Jake's Time Sandwich :D

    1. :)) Great idea! And bacon pancakes!

  3. Haha I like the inspiration here! Also, the results look pretty good, I might give it my own shot! Nice job :)

    1. :)) Thanks a lot for your kind words! I really appreciate them:)


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