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Game of Thrones: Quails Drowned in Butter (King's Landing Menu)

By Solya - 09:56

Brace yourself..The new season of Game of Thrones is coming!
I bet you were waiting for this the whole year, torturing yourself with guessing what will happen with characters next (who will die in the new season!), is Jon Snow alive or dead, how bloody will be the war and who will get revenge. I'm singing the intro melody already for a week, I can't wait to finally see the first episode, find some answers and for sure, confuse myself even more. 
I decided to open Game of Thrones season 6 in the right way: to cook something from the beautiful and complicated world of Westeros. Today I suggest you celebrate the new season like one would do it in King's Landing. Let's travel to the capital of Seven Kingdoms and taste delicate, elegant, light and delicious meal - quails, drowned in butter sauce. And have a glass of wine with Cersei:).

For 1 person we need:

2 quails
1/2 small apple
salt, pepper
1 tbsp honey
butter sauce

For the butter sauce:
1 boiled egg yolk
1/2 glass white wine
50 g butter
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice

Preparation time:
from 2 hours

Baking time:
up to 25 minutes

Not at all

For this post, I used the original recipe from A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook, Russian edition, which I got as a gift from a friend (thank you SO much for it;). This book is absolutely great! First of all, there are original medieval recipes and the modern version of those, second - the book got sections with recipes from The Wall, The North, King's Landing, The South, Dorn and Narrow Sea, third - gorgeous and rich text.

First, we're going to prepare the sauce. Crush the yolk with 1 tsp of wine, pour the rest of the wine, add butter, mix in a small pan with lemon juice, add some salt. Then heat up on the slow heat for ~ 10 minutes until smooth. 

Cut the 1/2 of apple in half, remove seeds and the mid of it. Put each of 1/4 inside quails, put them on the back, take kitchen twine and tie wings and legs to the breast. It will protect the meat from burning.

Put quails in a zip package or simply in a pan, pour with butter sauce. Leave it for at least one hour (room temperature) or more (then put them in a fridge). 
Preheat oven to 220°C.
Take the quails, rub with butter, salt, and pepper. Heat up the butter sauce a bit, for 5-10 minutes until smooth. Add some honey in butter sauce if you want to make kind of a syrup out of it. Then pour meat with sauce and bake them for 20-25 minutes until golden.
Tip: look on the meat juice while baking, it has to be clear when quails are done. 

Serve with salad, baked potatoes, and white or red wine. 
Enjoy the rich and delicious taste, enjoy the new Game of Thrones season, drink and know things.

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